About Will van Es

Name: Will van Es

Age: 19 years old

Occupation: Reading BA Economics at Collingwood College, Durham University.

Currently Racing: KZ1 – Super 1 Series

Racing Number: 44 (1 in TKM Extreme)

Dream Job: DTM/V8 Supercars Driver

2013 turned out to be the best year of Will’s career so far, with many accolades to his name being accrued over the season.

Will has managed to lift the British Championship crown in 2013 with a round of the championship left to go – how to win a title in true style. This result shows the commitment that Will has to ensuring consistency as well as raw speed, and proves the level of maturity that exists despite his relatively young age.

In reality, 2013 has been pretty much the dream season. Will has only been off the podium two times in the whole year, and both of those were owing to mechanical failures (a seized engine in January at Kimbolton, and a cracked chassis at the Larkhall round of Super One leaving him in 4th after dominating the rest of the round).

Indeed, had it not been for the broken chassis at Larkhall and a broken exhaust at the PFI round of Super One, Will would’ve managed a clean sweep (meaning maximum points, including pole in timed qualifying) at the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds – something that is pretty much unheard of at this level of the sport. Had he managed it, he’d have secured the most points of anyone in the entire Super One championship, regardless of class.

As well as the Super One success, Will has time and again shown his focus at Kimbolton club rounds, beating Danny Kierle (#3 in KGP 2013) on one occasion.

Equally, at the 2013 TKM Festival, Will was the one to beat. Toby Sowery (#4 KGP 2013) just about managed to pip Will to the win, using his greater knowledge of racing owing to his higher level of experience.

So, for 2014 a new challenge awaits – KZ1. It is the fastest short circuit class in the world, with 0-60 coming up in 3 seconds and a top speed of 95mph. Will is hoping that with the experience he’s gained this season in TKM, fighting for the British championship will be an achievable goal.

2013: 1st in Super 1 National Championship (Senior TKM) – British Champion! First S1 clean sweep at Clay Pigeon. Pretty much the dream season as far as racing goes.

2012: 4th in Super 1 National Championship (Senior TKM). First Senior S1 final win at Larkhall. On the podium at all rounds where we didn’t suffer issues (see race report section for more details).

2011: 6th in Super 1 National Championship (Senior TKM). 3x full points (3 heat wins + final win) at Kimbolton.

2010: 3rd in Super 1 National Championship (Junior TKM) after a very difficult year struggling with height issues and lack of engine power. Double final win at the last round at Buckmore Park. GP Champion.

2009: 4th in Super 1 National Championship (Junior TKM) and first ever S1 final win at Clay Pigeon. 2nd at ‘GP’ plate meeting.

2008: HKRC Club Champion (Junior TKM) and 2nd at ‘GP’ Plate meeting by 0.03 seconds to Oliver Hodgson (number 2 and ‘0’ Plate holder).

2007: 6th in HKRC Club Championship (Junior TKM) and 5th in ‘GP’ Plate meeting.